Wheel Of Names

Wheel of Names is a great wheel spinner that randomly selects a name from a variety of name options. It makes your work easy so that you do not get trap in the choice of any name, you can save your time by using the wheel of names. This allows you to sequentially select the winners who come first.

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Wheel Of Names Spinner Online Tool

Wheel of Names As the name suggests, it is some kind of wheel that has a list of names. In this wheel, you see the segments of many names, you can easily modify those names such as add, edit, delete operation. After spinning the wheel spinner, it gives you the result within seconds, it will show you anyone randomly select name by the wheel.

This wheel spinner is specifically created for selecting a random name but you can also try a number wheel spinner to choose a random number.

How does this name wheel spinner work?

The working mechanism of the wheel spinner is very simple as shown in the image above you just have to type the list of all your names in the box "Modify Names here". After this, you have to click on the button Add names, all the names will be added automatically to the segments of the wheel, but keep in mind that you do not have to give any unnecessary line space.

Wheel of names

As soon as you click on the wheel, it will spin for a few seconds and then it will randomly show you the result of any one name, which can be your first winner or loser.

Is it possible to embed the wheel of names on other websites?

Yes Absolutely, Now you can embed this Wheel of names In any website using IFRAME. For this, you have to copy the HTML code from the given embed wheel button and paste it into your blog/website, that's it. Wheel of Names is now also on your website, its biggest advantage is that any user who comes to the website can engage in the website for some time.

Embed Wheel of names

Where can Wheel Of Names be used?

By the way, the wheel of names can be used in many such important places, some of which are as follows.

  • If you have many girlfriends/boyfriends and you are confused to whom to take on a date this time, you can take the help of a wheel of names to make an instant choice.
  • It is a good time pass by playing wheel games with your friends in your free time.
  • A wheel spinner can be a better tool for choosing who will do the next activity.

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